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Govt not serious in curbing terrorism: Siraj

Says capitalist elite has occupied the country’s institutions and resources, making democracy hostage

By our correspondents
January 13, 2015
LAHORE: JI chief Siraj-ul-Haq on Monday said the government was making it binding on schools and colleges to raise walls and the people to keep armed guards but was not ready to do anything for protecting the masses.
The government had never displayed serious attitude towards curbing terrorism and lawlessness by making it intentions clear, he added.On the other hand, he said, dacoits and killers had been roaming freely making the people spend sleepless nights with the rulers enjoying a secured life while being guarded by the security forces.
Addressing a conference the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at Mansoora, Siraj said those declaring Islam and religious seminaries responsible for terrorism had been responsible for the worst kind of terror imposed on the nation for the last 68 years.
The just system of Islam was never implemented even for a single day in the country created in the name of Islam, as the nation suffered 35 years under direct military rule and the remaining under capitalists and feudal, he said.
Siraj said the Muslim world was being forced to accept tough conditions by creating a global slump of oil prices. He said the seminaries being run on charity and their harmless students were conveniently blamed for terrorism, adding that the actual mastermind of terrorism was the US which had been patronising the systematic massacre of Muslims across the world.
The JI chief said the US had imposed a long war on 13 Muslim countries - including Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria - as Washington and its allies were plundering the resources of Muslim countries.
He said Pakistan had always been ruled the US slaves who had given the country’s policy-making institutions under Washington’s control which blocked the Islamisation of Pakistani society.
Siraj said a handful of capitalist elite had occupied the country’s institutions and resources, making democracy a hostage.He said the JI wanted to enforce the just system of Caliphate and Shariah which would ensure that no poor could sleep hungry along with a uniform education system.