• Nawaz telling lies upon lies to cover ‘one lie’: Imran

      December 02, 2016
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      ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan said on Thursday even a letter from the US President-elect Donald Trump will not save Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif from the Panama scandal.

      “Good news is Trump spoke to Nawaz Sharif. Bad news for NS is this won’t save him from the Panama scandal — not even if a Trump letter arrived,” Imran asserted in a twitter message.Later, speaking to journalists outside his Banigala residence here, Imran accused Nawaz of lying to the nation again and again and alleged that the reason for such stories was that there was no money trail and this had been proved from documents the prime minister had presented in the Supreme Court.

      “We have proved that when they already have money, how could there have been a trail? Everyone, including the Supreme Court, ridiculed the letter from the Qatari prince, which arrived at the eleventh hour. Let’s see what next document is submitted in the next hearing,” he said.

      Imran said in his speech the prime minister had claimed that money had gone to London from Jeddah, whereas according to the Qatari letter, money went to London from Qatar. “The Qatari letter has zeroed the prime minister’s three speeches,” he pointed out.  

      He said a new document — a trust deed— had surfaced.“Had Nawaz Sharif been truthful, just one document would have been enough, as when the British premier David Cameron faced an allegation, he placed before parliament one document to prove himself innocent, as he was honest.”

      On the contrary, he said, Nawaz told lies upon lies. He wished Nawaz would have held the party election free and fair for he could not run the government properly.

      Imran was of view that new things would surface in the next hearing. He admitted had the PTI continued attending the National Assembly sessions and kept playing the ToRs, then Khawaja Asif’s statement would have been proved correct that people would forget about the PanamaLeaks soon.

      He said if a document were to be copied, it would have been prepared correctly.About the increase in the prices of petroleum products, Imran lamented that while the Sharif family was involved in tax-evasion, the masses were being burdened with a rise in oil rates to the benefit of the rich.

      He pointed out that the income shown in tax returns by Maryam Nawaz was far less than her travel expenses.He said Hassan Nawaz lived in a Rs6.5 billion residence. What was his business, he asked and alleged that this money reached London through money laundering.

      “Mian Sahib says he lives in the home of his mother. Then he should explain what business does his mother run? The PML-N’s politics is based on lies. Their properties and wealth is abroad and they are involved in tax evasion. The FBR’s job is to also take the rich to court if they don’t pay taxes. But none can question them,” he maintained.


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