Monday July 22, 2024

Fake rate list of poultry challenges govt’s writ

By Jawwad Rizvi
July 11, 2024
A poultry worker checks chicken at a poultry farm. — AFP/File
A poultry worker checks chicken at a poultry farm. — AFP/File

LAHORE:The Punjab government has failed to control the poultry mafia as they again issued their own rate list on Wednesday with fake signs of the officials concerned.

According to the official rate list, the price of live chicken at farm rate was fixed at Rs309 per kg, wholesale Rs321 per kg and retail price at Rs333 per kg. Furthermore, the chicken meat price was fixed at Rs483 per kg. However, the poultry mafia in open violations of the government rate list, has issued their own list showing live chicken at farm rate fixed at Rs321 per kg, wholesale Rs334 per kg and retail price at Rs347 per kg. The price of chicken meat at Rs504 per kilogram.

However, there is no change in the price of eggs in the both the lists as the demand of eggs reduced in the summer season. In the both lists, eggs rates are fixed at Rs250 per dozen, and Rs7,380 for wooden box.

Interestingly, there is no check from the deputy commissioner and other relevant departments on issuance of a fake rate lists on which chicken was openly sold across the City. It is not the first time that issuance of fake rate list is surfaced. The manipulators are also openly operating their Facebook page with the name Pakistan Poultry Updates (PPU) to disseminate their rate and other price fixation information among the stakeholders. However, the authorities are keeping their eyes closed on the matter and allowing them to keep operating a parallel network challenging the government writ.

On Wednesday, the chicken meat was not sold at official rates fixed by the government anywhere in the City. However, the sellers keep selling in accordance with the fake rate list. Even, those displayed the official rate list were not selling the chicken meat at official rates and showing the customers fake rate list with a claim that the government has issued a revised rate list after shortage of supply and increase in the cost of production.

Earlier, a similar issue was surfaced couple of months ago and reported in the media. It seems that no stern action was taken against the responsible so they again started issuing the fake rate list to ditch the consumers and challenge the government writ.

The issue of overcharging is not limited to the chicken meat. Rather, it is now chronic issue and no edible is sold at official rates anywhere.

Official spokesperson for the Deputy Commissioner office Hafiz Qaisar said that the issue was raised with the special branch as well as field officers to take action where they found a fake poultry rate list. Furthermore, action would also be taken against those who are issuing the fake list while copying the official signatures. The price list is uploaded daily on Qeemat Punjab app in the morning. The general public is suggested to cross check the prices while doing shopping from the rate lists updated on the App.