Monday July 22, 2024

Replenish aquifers

By News Desk
July 11, 2024
Replenish aquifers

Pakistan is blessed with many water reserves. However, we still have not utilized these to our maximum advantage. Water scarcity is becoming a serious concern. The need for aquifer recharge from monsoon water is a natural solution which should be given considerable attention. In Lahore all drinking water is extracted from aquifers which used to be recharged from the water of River Ravi. In around 2000, India constructed the Thein Dam on the River Ravi and this recharge was cut by an estimated 85 per cent.

After the construction of Shahpurkandi dam this year, it has almost completely stopped. A potential solution to this problem is the building of more aquifers or wells in urban areas. This would also help prevent damage to roads when it rains. Recycled water can thus be used year-round. This work should be initiated before it is too late.

Ghazala Anbreen