Tuesday July 16, 2024

New era of sustainable farming

July 10, 2024
This picture shows a person on a field with a tractor in the background. — AFP/File
This picture shows a person on a field with a tractor in the background. — AFP/File

Islamabad:A leading agri-business group, Samsons Agri Farm, has pioneered a new era of sustainable farming in Pakistan, it has transformed arid and sandy land into lush green fields, revolutionising Pakistan’s agricultural landscape. They have employed modern technology including installation of central pivot irrigation system which ensures efficient water utilisation and helps in turning barren lands into productive agricultural fields. This technology enhances crop yields and conserves precious water resources, says a press release.

The implementation of cutting-edge technology is a remarkable transformation and a significant milestone in the country’s farming history, especially with the large-scale cultivation employed for the first time in the country. We feel proud that our farm is eco-friendly and more than 90% of the energy is derived from solar power which contributes towards environmental sustainability. A team of local and international professionals manages the farm. Samsons Agri is cultivating Rhodes grass, alfalfa, canola, sesame, wheat, millet, besides fruit and vegetables, organic farming, and medicinal crops.

One of the top cash crops of Pakistan is tobacco which generated over $10 million in exports last year. It is now being cultivated successfully on this land. In a bid to promote eco-friendly agricultural practices, Samsons Agri Farm has adopted sun-curing techniques for tobacco production, deviating from the traditional flue-curing methods. This shift eliminates the consumption of firewood, thereby preserving forests and minimising environmental degradation.