Tuesday July 16, 2024

Summer fiesta held at IMCG

By Our Correspondent
July 10, 2024
CEO International Governance and Sustainability Institute Dr Sultan Azam Temuri in a group photograph with students during the closing ceremony of the Summer Fiesta Program at IMCG F-7/4 on July 9, 2024. — APP
CEO International Governance and Sustainability Institute Dr Sultan Azam Temuri in a group photograph with students during the closing ceremony of the Summer Fiesta Program at IMCG F-7/4 on July 9, 2024. — APP

Islamabad:The Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training organised an inspiring talk at Islamabad Model School, F-7/4 here on Tuesday.

The speakers included Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri, inspector general of police (r), former UN Police Commissioner, and Founding Director & CEO of the International Governance and Sustainability Institute (IG-SI), along with Helena Iqbal Saeed, Additional Inspector General of Police (r), former UN Police Commissioner, and Law Enforcement and Gender Advisor at IG-SI.

Esin Gulsen, a former Turkish police officer and UN peacekeeper now serving as Director Operations IG-SI delivered an online message to students focusing on gender equality and women's empowerment. Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri shared valuable insights on success principles, focusing on the youth, which constitutes 64% of Pakistan's 245 million population. He highlighted the challenges faced by the youth, including limited access to high-quality education and skill development, leading to high competition and unemployment. Only 6% of the youth are highly educated, while 29% have no access to education. This situation is turning the youth bulge from an asset into a liability.

Dr. Temuri also discussed gender equality and women empowerment. With females making up 49.6% of the population, Pakistan ranks 142 out of 146 in the Global Gender Gap Index 2023, indicating low educational attainment and economic participation for women. He emphasised the need to utilize this untapped human resource and work towards achieving SDG-5, which focuses on gender equality. He advised the students to follow the path of greatness instead of mediocrity.

Greatness, according to Dr. Temuri, can be achieved through excellence and stepping out of one's comfort zone. He encouraged students to cultivate empowering beliefs with vision, passion, discipline, and conscience. He emphasized the importance of thinking big and staying positive, continuously improving themselves daily. He urged the students to convert problems into opportunities, weaknesses into strengths, and painful experiences into empowering beliefs.

Helena Iqbal Saeed shared her journey as the first lady officer in the Police Service of Pakistan and emphasized the importance of self-discipline, hard work, and honesty. She urged students to avoid shortcuts and corruption and to stay away from drugs and crimes. She emphasized the significance of education in gaining knowledge, building confidence, and fostering freedom of thought.

Ms. Saeed highlighted the need for a positive mindset, continuous learning, and the revival of nationalistic spirit. She encouraged the youth to respect and love their country and to follow Islamic values, which promote goodness and discipline. Dr. Temuri and Ms. Saeed’s talks provided the students with valuable guidance on achieving success through education, hard work, and integrity. They emphasized the importance of aligning personal goals with the greater good and encouraged the youth to strive for excellence and greatness.

The Principal of IMCG F-7/4 highlighted the Summer Fiesta held in Federal Colleges from June 26 to July 10, 2024. Organized by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, the event featured prominent personalities who guided and inspired students. The two-week Summer Fiesta included subjects such as Digital Art, Graphic Designing, Chinese and English Language, Breast Cancer Awareness, Mental and Social Wellbeing, and Financial Literacy. 250 male and female students participated in the program. At the end of the event, Dr. Temuri expressed gratitude to Mohyddin Wani, Federal Secretary of Education & Professional Training, and Principal IMCG, F-7/4, Dr. Saadia Aziz, for the opportunity to address the students.