Tuesday July 16, 2024

CAA scandal

By News Desk
July 10, 2024
CAA scandal

This letter refers to the news report ‘’Irregularities' in CAA appointments come to fore’ (July 8, 2024). It is anticipated that the federal aviation minister will take notice of this news story and will order a full-fledged inquiry, some noise will be made and then, yet again, everyone involved will fall back into a deep slumber only to wake up once there are new reports of a similar nature. An age-old problem with our institutions is that unless the higher or the highest authority takes notice of the things reported in the media, nothing is done proactively to rectify those situations and no actions are taken.

Even this scandal came out in the open partly because there is an international audit involved, in my view. When it comes to those institutions that have no fear of international reviews and assessments of their practices, one can imagine how things would be run in those departments.

Anas A Khan