Tuesday July 16, 2024

Payments without power

By News Desk
July 10, 2024
Payments without power

Imagine enduring a lethal heatwave with no electricity and no water and still getting exorbitant electricity bills. A harrowing thought isn't it? While we are unable to control the weather, what about our electricity supply? Why are we not receiving the electricity we pay for? The state is clearly trying to manipulate people by acting as though there is a shortage of electricity.

Numerous areas are enduring extraordinary loadshedding despite timely bill payments, while defaulters face no repercussions. It is also disheartening that no one speaks out about this issue and that even if they do, their voices are stifled. It is a stark reminder of our misfortune that there is no one to take decisive action on these issues or, perhaps, the authorities simply do not care.

Hudesa Imam