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July 07, 2024
An aerial view of Islamabad is seen in this undated image. — X/@Islamabadies/File
An aerial view of Islamabad is seen in this undated image. — X/@Islamabadies/File

— the misplaced priorities of our civic authorities who spend funds on erecting statues of men and beasts to ‘beautify’ the public places of cities instead of repairing roads; clearing drains and completing other work which makes any place fit to live in without causing the citizens misery. People say what is the use of an expensive statue which will hardly get a glance from passers-by, when they are worried about safety; security and the lack of amenities?

— the criminal acts that have become a part of a troubling pattern, reflecting our societal decay and how the root of the problem is our failure to practice the true essence of Islam, which has emphasised the importance of justice; compassion, and the sanctity of human life. We have allowed ignorance, hatred and extremism to overshadow these core values and while the actions of a few do not define the entire nation, the silence of the majority makes it complicit at some level.

— the report that established in 2003, the Sayad Hashmi Reference Library - a haven of Baloch literature and culture - faces threat of demolition as the provincial government plans to build an interchange of the Malir Expressway on this route, indicated by a survey team who recently visited the area and marked half of the structure for demolition. People say this will be a wanton act of destruction as the library needs to be preserved as a heritage site.

— the fact that given our country's abundance of sunlight, investing in solar energy solutions is both practical as well as necessary and the initiative of a floating solar power plant at Keenjhar Lake could set a precedent for similar projects nationwide, encouraging innovation and investment in green technologies. People say such projects can provide local employment opportunities and boost the regional economy, demonstrating how environmental sustainability and economic development can go hand in hand, benefiting the community and the nation.

— how the lack of proper radiology facilities in small towns is a major concern because of the importance of lab testing regarding medical treatment, with doctors having to make a knowledgeable guess about what illness the patient may be suffering from. People say provincial governments should set up quality laboratories in all towns equipped with required machines and related facilities so patients are not forced to travel to where they are available, avoiding worry and extra expenditure.

— the statement by the finance minister that the country has achieved some stability in its economic recovery and he is sure about getting a new long-term programme from the IMF in a couple of months but the actual ground reality portrays bleak picture of our economic progress. The common man is in great stress due to increasing inflation and shrinking incomes and cannot make both ends meet, while instead of adopting austerity measures, the government has raised the tax burden on ordinary people.

— the increasing number of incidents that involve mobs taking the law into their own hands and meting out punishments that include lynching; beating to death or inflicting severe injuries that leave victims incapacitated for life. People say these acts are mostly carried out because crowds vent their frustration and anger at the current situation in the country, which is not an excuse for violence but it also reflects the fact that the government appears to be unaware of how the general public feels. — I.H.