Saturday July 20, 2024

FBR sees another massive shake-up

FBR placed 16 Inland Revenue officers (IRS) and 11 officers of Customs group in the admin pool

By Mehtab Haider
July 05, 2024
Headquarters of the Federal Board of Revenue in Islamabad. — APP/File
Headquarters of the Federal Board of Revenue in Islamabad. — APP/File

ISLAMABAD: The government has jolted the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), making transfers and postings of 78 officials in the tax machinery belonging to both Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and Customs groups.

The FBR placed 16 Inland Revenue officers (IRS) and 11 officers of Customs group in the admin pool. More transfers and postings of the IRS belonging to Grade-20 and 19 are on the cards and a notification could be issued anytime today.

The new transfers and postings are being made under prime minister’s policy on cracking down on corruption, economic reforms agenda, FBR’s digitalisation, awarding honest and competent officers/ tax collectors and reprimanding the dishonest ones. The government has categorised tax officers as A, B, C, D and placed only those officers in the admin pool (practically suspended), who were ranked as D.

The input from intelligence agencies had also been sought but the FBR’s internal input played a critical role in the transfers/ postings. There are officers in BS-21 and BS-20 who have been categorised as B having good record, while there are officers having grading A but possess shady records.

Two major intelligence agencies gave their input and the PM Office also contributed to finalise the list. The FBR high-ups also said to be using likes and dislikes wherever they get an opportunity. FBR Chairman Amjad Zubair Tiwana remained in the headquarters till wee hours of Thursday as to finalise transfers and postings.

The FBR has given new assignments to 51 Customs officers (BS-19-20). These officials included Customs collectors, directors intelligence and other Customs officials. Through another notification, the FBR has transferred the Customs Intelligence officer, Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation, FBR, Quetta, and the superintendent, Directorate of Cross Boarder Currency Movement, Islamabad, to the Admin Pool.

Total number of officials of IRS and Customs placed in Admin Pool stand at 29, including two BS-16 Customs officers. According to the notification, Fayyaz Anwar Pakistan Customs Service/ BS-20, Member (Legal & Accounting-Customs), Islamabad, has been given new assignment as director general, Directorate General of Law & Prosecution, Islamabad (stationed at Lahore).

Peshawar Customs Chief Collector Saeed Akram has been posted as Member Legal and Accounting, while Chief FBR Muhammad Jamil Nasir Khan has been posted as Peshawar Customs chief collector. Fayaz Rasool, Director, Directorate General of Customs Valuation, Karachi, has been assigned to work as Collector, Collectorate of Customs Appraisement, Port Qasim, Karachi. Sambrial Collector Saima Aftab has been transferred as director Transit Trade Lahore. Chief FBR Yousaf Haider Orakzai has been given new assignment as director Cross Border Currency Movement, Islamabad. The director Customs Intelligence Islamabad has been transferred as chief Tariff and Trade FBR. Zeb Gul Shabbir has been given a new assignment as collector of Customs, Islamabad International Airport. The officer has also been asked to look after charge of director Reforms and Automation-Customs (Technology Services), Islamabad.

Following Customs officials have been placed in Admin Pool: Dr Akhtar Hussain, Collector Customs (Appeals), Islamabad; Muhammad Adnan Akram, Director Transit Trade, Lahore; Iram Maqbool Aamir, DG Law & Prosecution, Islamabad; Kamran Azam Khan, Chief FBR; Khalid Hussain Jamali, Chief FBR; Raza collector Customs (Adjudication-I), Karachi; Sami-ul-Haq, Director Post Clearance Audit (North), Islamabad; Ambreen Ahmad Tarar, Chief FBR; Amer Rashid Sheikh, Chief FBR; Naveed Iqbal, Director Transit Trade, Gwadar and Muhammad Ahsan Khan, Collector Customs (Adjudication), Quetta.

Following officials of the Inland Revenue Service have been placed in the Admin-Pool: Kazi Afzal, commissioner, (RY Khan Zone) Regional Tax Office, Bahawalpur; Mohammed Nasser Janjua, commissioner, (Zone-V) Medium Taxpayers office, Karachi; Zahoor Ahmad Panwar, commissioner, (Zone-III) Regional Tax Office I, Karachi; Dr Tariq Ghani, Director-II, Directorate of Law, Karachi; Muhammad Abid, commissioner, (Zone-I) Regional Tax Office, Sargodha; Humaira Maryam, Commissioner, (WHT) Regional Tax Office, Lahore; Muhammad Naveed Akhtar, commissioner, (Zone-I) Regional Tax Office, Lahore; Muhammad Ali, Director Internal Audit, Karachi; Naeem Babar, commissioner (Appeals-III), Lahore; Zulqarnain Ali Shaheen Haral, commissioner, (Zone-II) Regional Tax Office, Gujranwala; Abdul Qadir Shaikh, commissioner, (Zone-IV) Regional Tax Office-II, Karachi; Khalid Ahmed Qureshi, commissioner (Appeals-I), Multan; Muhammad Asim Khattak, commissioner, (Zone-IV) Corporate Tax Office, Karachi; Dr Razi-ur-Rehman Khan, Commissioner (Appeals), Sialkot; Barrister Nowsherwan Khan, commissioner, (Special Zone for Builders & Developers) Regional Tax Office, Islamabad; and Fazli Malik, commissioner, (Corporate Zone) Regional Tax Office, Peshawar.