Thursday July 18, 2024

Heat emergency

By News Desk
June 26, 2024
Heat emergency

I am writing this letter to the governments of Pakistan and Balochistan to address the current situation in Hub Chowki regarding the heat wave. The people in Hub Chowki are facing multiple issues due to the heat wave. For example, many people are getting sick from the extreme heat. Additionally, there is no consistent electricity in Hub Chowki, which intensifies the problems. The main issue is the water shortage; without electricity, there is no water, no ice, and hospitals are overwhelmed with heat-wave related cases.

People who go outside for work, especially farmers, are facing significant challenges. Their crops and animals are suffering because of the heat wave. I request that the government of Pakistan and Balochistan take serious action to address the heat wave, as it is a critical issue affecting the region.

Seema Nawaz