Wednesday July 24, 2024

Gandapur gone rogue

By News Desk
June 24, 2024
Gandapur gone rogue

This letter refers to the editorial ‘Power struggle’ (June 22, 2024), which has touched on the very important issue of load shedding in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and CM Gandapur’s actions. As pointed out in the editorial, loadshedding is not only restricted to KP but is taking place throughout Pakistan. Taking over control of grid stations cannot be justified. Unfortunately, CM Gandapur has indulged in loose talk since taking office and always shows hostility towards the centre. As a chief minister, his conduct is becoming unbearable.

Attacking grid stations and switching on grid lines is a case of vandalism that should have been avoided. No CM can take the law into their own hands and must exercise the option of talks on disputed issues in a decent manner. Lastly, CM Gandapur cannot challenge the writ of the federal government and should avoid crossing red lines. If he fails to control his loose talk and display a greater sense of responsibility he should be prepared for governor’s rule.

Mukhtar Ahmed