Wednesday July 24, 2024

Education in peril

By News Desk
June 22, 2024
Education in peril

Despite an obvious and persistent need, the recently announced federal budget for higher education falls well short of what is required to adequately support the sector. This poses a severe threat to the operational sustainability of public sector universities. Without a substantial increase in financial support, these institutions face the grim prospect of either shutting down or drastically increasing student fees, further straining access to education. The budget also introduces new fiscal measures that significantly impact the financial stability of university faculty and staff by imposing additional taxes on the salaried class.

The lack of adequate funding also signals a broader disinterest in the advancement of higher education. By failing to prioritize this sector, the government risks stunting the country’s intellectual and economic growth and shows a disregard for the critical role that higher education plays in fostering innovation, critical thinking, and skilled labour.

Dr Intikhab Ulfat