Saturday July 20, 2024

Pindiites enjoy Eidul Azha today

By Our Correspondent
June 17, 2024
A representational image showing people embracing each other after Eid prayers. — AFP/File
A representational image showing people embracing each other after Eid prayers. — AFP/File

Islamabad: When the morning prayers conclude at mosques or Eidgah, Pindiites will rush home to celebrate the first day of Eidul Azha by performing an animal sacrifice. This practice commemorates the Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to the Almighty.

“In almost every house of Rawalpindi slaughtering takes place in a backyard, and roadside, causing rivers of blood to flow into the drainage systems,” says Samar Abbas. “Despite the allocation of dedicated places by city authorities with trained butchers to assist with the process of slaughtering Qurbani animals, people are very reluctant to follow these instructions. They prefer to slaughter Qurbani animals near their homes,” says Qasim Ali.

“Some people find bringing animals to City Corporation-designated slaughtering places a hassle, so they perform Qurbani at more convenient locations,” says Jasim Taqi, an official involved in the process. “A few claim that processing the meat with family members after the animals are slaughtered is a joyful practice, which is why they choose their homes or yards as the most convenient place,” says Ali Raza.

“After slaughtering the animal, one-third of the sacrificial meat is given to the owner’s extended family, and one-third is distributed to the poor. There is nothing quite like wearing new clothes on the morning of Eid, which can help you, feel elegant while participating in the day’s festivities,” says Jalal Haider. “I reach out to those who may need company such as elderly relatives who live alone, and put the call out to them during this precious time. It’s important to remember that it’s a memorable way to celebrate Eid for me and them,” says Rashid Zaidi.

“For many of us, Eid is synonymous with food. On Eidul Azha, we celebrate with our Qurbani meal. As nice as this can be, it is easy to gorge leaving everyone lethargic the rest of the day. I plan a small meal and an exciting activity for my family or loved ones to do during the day. A day out to a national park is a memorable way to experience Eid,” says Rizwan Hussain. “I make it a tradition to get the entire family to prepare the house for Eid. Our modern lifestyles might tear us away from our responsibilities, but one way to remind ourselves of that is by keeping the decorations up. The decorating environment also adds to the festivity of the occasion, so make it a family event. Bring some snacks, enjoy your company, and have some fun,” says Rauf Hasan.

Osaf Taqi says, “On Eid day we enjoy good food with our loved ones. Rather than staying indoors, plan an Eid picnic with family instead. Weather permitting, you can enjoy your Eid meal in a local park, while getting some fresh air and appreciating nice views and scenery.”