Thursday July 25, 2024

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June 16, 2024
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I recently got an admission offer letter from South Asian University, Delhi. Established by SAARC in 2010, it is an international university located in New Delhi, India, aimed at fostering regional cooperation and building a knowledge base for the betterment of the region. SAU offers postgraduate and doctoral programs across various disciplines to students from SAARC countries. Sadly, for the past several years, students from Pakistan have not been joining due to visa issues despite sharing the university budget. On June 6, I visited the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to submit my student visa application. However, I was informed that the High Commission does not accept student visa applications directly.

Following their instructions, I visited a visa office in Islamabad. Unfortunately, the team at this office stated that they were unable to process the visa application as per the instructions from the Indian High Commission. It is requested that a representative of Pakistan at SAARC resolve the visa issue otherwise sharing the budget for the university is just a financial burden on us.

Tahir Raza