Wednesday July 17, 2024

CSS scams

By News Desk
June 15, 2024
CSS scams

The Federal Public Service Commission conducts the CSS exam annually, offering Pakistani students a path to join the bureaucracy and serve their country. Success in this competitive exam demands consistent hard work, proper guidance, determination, and the ability to critically analyze various national and international issues. Developing critical thinking and strong reading and writing skills is essential, nurtured through exploring diverse genres such as newspapers, history, politics, philosophy, and both fiction and non-fiction works.

Unfortunately, some social media influencers and CSS-PMS academies exploit fresh candidates for financial gain rather than fostering these crucial skills. Many academies, presenting themselves as experts, often lack a deep understanding of the subjects they claim to teach. Passing the exam does not equate to mastery of these subjects, which require nuanced understanding and extensive study. CSS candidates must step out of their comfort zones, seek guidance from experienced individuals, and understand the exam process.

Zakir Ullah