Monday July 22, 2024

Arrival of the monsoon

By News Desk
June 13, 2024
Arrival of the monsoon

As Pakistan enters the monsoon phase, appropriate preparedness is, once again, missing. All the claims about preemptive measures appear to be mere words. According to the NDMA, the country will face 40-60 per cent more rainfall than average this year. Abnormal rains are forecast to begin in late July and persist until August, potentially creating more crises than in the past. The 2010 floods affected over 20 million people, taking a heavy toll on infrastructure and livestock. Similarly, the 2022 flash floods affected more than 32 million people and ruined agricultural land. This time, we are still not ready to handle the situation and cannot afford another calamity. The government, along with disaster institutions, should take proactive steps and expedite work on embankments and drainage systems to prevent rivers and rainwater from flooding cities.

Muhammad Khan