Wednesday July 17, 2024

KE censures attack on its office

By Our Correspondent
May 21, 2024
View of the KE headquarters in Karachi. — Facebook/K-Electric/File
View of the KE headquarters in Karachi. — Facebook/K-Electric/File

In its press statement issued on Monday, K-Electric censured an attack on its office, saying that the power company would pursue legal action against those responsible for the criminal assault and property damage. KE called on local elected representatives to help restore peace in the area.

The spokesperson for the power utility highlighted that the outstanding dues from defaulters in PIB Colony, Lines Area, Kernal Basti and Purani Sabzi Mandi have surged beyond Rs4.9 billion. Despite this, load-shedding is being conducted as per the schedule available on the KE website.

Addressing public concerns, the spokesperson reiterated that the duration of load-shedding is directly linked with to the ratio of electricity theft and non-payment of bills in a given area. “Areas where theft and non-payment are reduced can benefit from improved power supply. Shutdowns due to maintenance or local faults should not be equated with load-shedding.”