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LGH has new nutrition dept

By Our Correspondent
May 06, 2024
The Lahore General Hospital building can be seen. —Facebook/ Lahore General Hospital, Lahore - LGH - PGMI
The Lahore General Hospital building can be seen. —Facebook/ Lahore General Hospital, Lahore - LGH - PGMI

LAHORE:A new Department of Nutrition has been established in Lahore General Hospital (LGH) on Sunday to provide awareness to the public about the benefits of nutrition and the use of a balanced diet.

MS LGH Dr Faryad Hussain has issued notification after approval of Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof Dr M Al-Fareed Zafar. This department will work under the supervision of Dr Kashif Aziz. While 11 consultants from different medical fields will be a part of this department who will provide information about healthy, balanced food and nutritious foods to the patients and their families coming to the hospital and will inform the preventive measures regarding use of junk foods and unhealthy foods.

Principal PGMI/AMC Prof Al-Fareed Zafar said that according to the modern requirements, not only treatment but also counseling facilities have been started in LGH and the Nutrition Department is an important step in this regard.

So that people can be protected from diseases by improving their diet, which will save their valuable capital and time and they will also be able to avoid treatment. Dr Faryad Hussain said that the doctors of the nutrition department will prepare a balanced diet chart for the betterment of the patients and also guide them about the usage method as well as advisory will be provided to parents to improve the health of underweight and malnourished children.

Dr. Kashif Aziz and Dr M Maqsood stated that people usually consume items in the diet that are low in nutrition and people eat a lot, which instead of benefiting their health, causes many diseases, diabetes, Blood pressure, heart & kidney disease, pregnant women suffering from anemia and obesity are more likely to occur.

If a balanced diet is consumed in proper quantity, it digest easily and does not cause any harm. He said that the nutrition chart issued by the consultant for sick people will help in their recovery.

Free treatment for cops at PKLI

Under an agreement with the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute (PKLI), Punjab Police is offering 100pc free transplant operations to officers suffering from liver and kidney diseases.

According to the agreement, all transplant operations for police employees suffering from liver and kidney diseases are now entirely funded. This includes the recent kidney transplant procedure for Punjab Police Constable Zafar Abbas Khan, whose medical expenses have been fully covered.