Sunday April 14, 2024

AMTI implements new strategy to promote IBP

By Syed Kosar Naqvi
March 01, 2024
Ayub Medical Teaching Institution (AMTI) Abbottabad building can be seen. — AMTI website/File
 Ayub Medical Teaching Institution (AMTI) Abbottabad building can be seen. — AMTI website/File

ABBOTTABAD: Ayub Medical Teaching Institution (AMTI) is set to implement Institutional-Based Practice (IBP) with a new strategy adopted by the Board of Governors (BoG), which has revamped the criteria for selecting departmental chairpersons, giving priority to doctors opting for IBP by awarding them 30 additional marks.

This decision marks a significant step towards the implementation of IBP in the hospital.Asad Khan Jadoon, a member of the BoG AMTI, confirmed that a sub-committee was formed during the 92nd meeting to review the selection criteria for chairpersons under the MTI Act 2013.

Following consultations with stakeholders, including professors, the committee proposed the new criteria, wherein the candidate securing the highest marks would be appointed as chairperson.

Additionally, candidates engaged in IBP would receive 30 extra marks and those not willing to do IBP will lose the marks.Commenting on the performance of BoG, Jadoon said that the BoG achieved much in the past three months such as the formation and approval of MTI regulations, revisions to the service structure of nurses, adoption of Efficiency and Discipline Rules 2011, and improvements in patient care services, particularly in the Cardiology ward and CCU.

Moreover, Khan mentioned the scrutiny of MTI regulations from 2016 to 2023, which revealed irregularities in the 2019 amendments, potentially violating the MTI Act. To address this, the board decided to conduct a detailed inquiry in accordance with the MTI E&D regulations.

A senior advocate and BoG member highlighted that the nursing service structure was reviewed, and amendments were approved by the board. These amendments entail promotions of nurses in BPS grades based on specific promotion criteria. Furthermore, nurses with over 45 years of age or 20 years of service are exempted from the educational degree requirement outlined in the approved nursing service structure. Additionally, he shared various patient care initiatives, including the upgradation of the cardiology ward and CCU.