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Equal education

By Web Desk
December 02, 2023

There is an urgent need to focus on special education in order to cater to children with special needs in Pakistan. Access to quality education is one of the most difficult issues faced by children with special needs. One of the several problems contributing to this is deeply ingrained social stigma. Special needs students are denied the opportunity to receive an adequate educational experience since many institutions refuse to admit them due to a social stigma that views them as a burden.

Equal education

The vast majority of institutions in Pakistan also lack the requisite facilities to accommodate these students. Likewise, the majority of teachers in Pakistan are not fully trained to cater to students with special needs, making it difficult for these children to receive a good education. These challenges must be addressed in order to improve and provide equal quality education to all students in Pakistan, particularly those with special needs.

Rijah Arshad Mahmood