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LWMC continues cleaning operation, anti-smog measures

By Our Correspondent
November 20, 2023
Motorists are on their way during smoggy weather in the morning hours of the Provincial Capital on November 18, 2023. — Online
Motorists are on their way during smoggy weather in the morning hours of the Provincial Capital on November 18, 2023. — Online

LAHORE:In its commitment to combat the issue of smog, Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has embarked on a specialised cleaning operation that includes scraping, washing, sprinkling, and anti-smog measures, targeting more than 40 major roads in the City here on Sunday.

This comprehensive initiative was bolstered by daily manual scraping of over 100 kilometers roads and water sprinkling on an additional 300 kilometers of roads, officials said. Moreover, the LWMC was actively engaged in mechanical sweeping efforts covering an extensive 950 kilometers and implementing mechanical washing initiatives on an additional 150 kilometers of roadways. The teams from LWMC were diligently working to moisten high air quality index areas (AQI) twice daily.

According to LWMC spokesperson, the extensive plan included scraping and washing activities on Ferozepur Road, Main Boulevard Gulberg, Noor Jahan Road, and Mall Road. Additionally, Saggian Road, Taj Company Road, Shahdara Chowk, GT Road, Truck Adda, and Lorry Adda are part of this vital initiative.

The plan also covered Circular Road, Aik Moria Pul, Railway Station, Shalamar Bagh, Bhogiwal Road, Daroghawala, and Salamatpura, where scraping and sprinkling efforts were under way. In Mominpura Bhini Road, Dharampura, Harbanspura, and Rehmanpura, scraping activities are making headway.

Furthermore, LWMC squads were dedicated to anti-smog activities on key routes such as Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Pico Road, Allah Hoo Chowk, College Road, Bagrian Chowk, Kacha Jail Road, Madar-e-Millat Road, Multan Road, Thokar Chowk, MAO Chowk, Chauburji, and Azadi Chowk.

The cleanliness is continued even at night, with road washing efforts continuing during the night shift. CEO Babar Sahib Din reaffirmed the organisation's top priority, which was to provide Lahore's citizens with a clean and safe environment, he said.

He urged citizens to take preventive measures against smog, including refraining from burning or disposing of garbage improperly and always using designated trash bins. In the event of concerns related to LWMC's cleaning services or any cleanliness-related complaints, citizens are encouraged to reach out via the LWMC helpline at 1139 or connect through social media channels.