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October 03, 2023

The recent increase in cases of conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, in Pakistan, particularly in the Punjab region, where schools have been closed, is a cause for concern. Pink eye can be caused by various factors, including viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Proper diagnosis and management are crucial in controlling its spread. Public awareness campaigns should be launched to educate people about the importance of hand hygiene, especially during an outbreak. Regular hand washing can significantly reduce disease transmission. It is also essential for individuals with pink-eye to isolate themselves from others. People should also avoid sharing personal items such as towels or pillowcases.

Timely and accurate diagnosis can guide treatment and prevent inappropriate use of antibiotics. Governments should provide clear guidance to the public on what to do if they suspect they have pink-eye. This guidance should include information on when to seek medical attention, how to care for their eyes at home, and when it’s safe to return to normal activities.

Habib Hyder Laghari