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Call to impart life support training to all citizens

By Our Correspondent
October 01, 2023

LAHORE : Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has called for basic life support training to be made mandatory for all citizens and said that this training is of utmost importance for masses in developing countries like Pakistan where emergency services are nonexistent in far flung areas of the country. PIMA, on the occasion of Life Savers Day, conducted BLS and CPR training workshops for general public in more than 150 mosques across the country on Saturday, where expert doctors taught people basic life support techniques in critical medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest and obstructed airways. According to a press release issued by PIMA Centre, thousands of people benefited from these BLS sessions. These training sessions were happened at 57 places in Punjab, 28 in Sindh, 36 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 10 in Baluchistan and 19 in Azad Kashmir. PIMA Women Wing also arranged these workshops for women and female students at different places. PIMA Central President Dr. Abdul Aziz Memon while conducting the session in Sukkur, said that a large number of people suffered cardiac arrests at home or at workplace and lost their lives due to non-awareness of basic life support techniques.