Monday December 04, 2023

British Council IELTS launches ‘One Skill Retake’ in Pakistan

September 27, 2023

Islamabad:British Council IELTS test takers who do not achieve their desired results first time around will no longer have to resit the full test, after the launch of a game-changing new feature.

‘One Skill Retake’ increases a test taker’s chances of success by offering them the opportunity to retake just one section of the IELTS test, whether it’s listening, reading, writing, or speaking. The format and timing of the test is the same as the section which examines the individual skill in a normal IELTS test, but test takers can save time cutting out the need to complete the other three skills.

Andrew Mackenzie, Director of IELTS at the British Council, said One Skill Retake was created after listening to IELTS customer feedback: “We know that with the right preparation and support, our test takers can achieve their best score on test day. “However, One Skill Retake provides test takers with an opportunity to retake a single skill if they feel their performance in the first instance did not represent their English proficiency, and we believe this increases fairness”, he said.

“Organisations that accept the IELTS ‘One Skill Retake’ can offer their candidates the flexibility to achieve entry requirements without compromising on applicant quality. The IELTS partners are proud of this initiative that reinforces our commitment to helping test takers achieve their full potential,” he said. Maarya Rehman, Deputy Director of the British Council in Pakistan said: “We want to empower our IELTS test-takers in Pakistan to achieve their best score, that’s why we are the only major high-stakes test with this new option.

“We are proud of this new initiative that reinforces our commitment to helping test takers achieve their full potential.” Test takers who choose an IELTS ‘One Skill Retake’ will receive a second Test Report Form that can be used for migration and study purposes. Depending on their score, test takers can choose whether they would like to use their old or new test report for the skill they retook. IELTS One Skill Retake can be booked within 60 days of the original IELTS test being taken.