Tuesday December 05, 2023

Elders pin high hopes on Waziristan’s uplift plan

September 26, 2023

WANA: Tribal elders have welcomed the proposed master plan for the development of Lower and Upper South Waziristan and said it would change the destiny of people in the two tribal districts.

The administration of both the districts has prepared the master plan for the betterment and wellbeing of the local population. Talking to this scribe, Malik Gul Muhammad and Malik Gul Janan Wazir appreciated the efforts of both the district administration officers and said they would support them in their efforts.

The tribal elders said that South Waziristan had great potential, but it could not be properly utilized owing to a host of reasons, adding that now the civil administration had chalked out a master plan to address the longstanding deprivation of the people.

According to the proposed master plan, a network of roads, highways, bridges and transportation system will be developed to boost intra-district connectivity between the two districts and

other areas.

“Roads, highways and transportation network would facilitate and boost trade activities in South Waziristan,” said an official source quoting the master plan. Short and long term projects have been mentioned in the proposed master plan.

South Waziristan has great geographical importance as it has borders with Afghanistan. Though bilateral trade activities are being carried at Angoor Adda, there are other routes that can be made operational for cross border trade, which would provide the local people with livelihood and trade opportunities.

South Waziristan is largely underdeveloped and its true potential has not been utilized until now, although the area is rich in mineral resources and agricultural products.

Promoting agriculture, forest, trade, tourism and untapped natural resources in South Waziristan would prove a milestone in creating job opportunities and alleviating poverty. The projects related to irrigation have been included in the master plan to boost agriculture in South Waziristan.

According to a rough estimate of the Agriculture Department, about more than 90,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables are annually produced in South Waziristan.