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FPCCI ruling group faces ‘rebellion’

By Our Correspondent
June 07, 2023

KARACHI: There was a rebellion against the chairman in the ruling Businessmen’s Panel (BMP) in the FPCCI, as two days after boycotting a meeting in Lahore, members of the core committee belonging to Karachi held a separate meeting in a club in Karachi in which a consensus plan of action was considered. An important leader of the group from Karachi confirmed the differences in the group. However, he said, “You cannot call it a coup now but we are trying to transfer the chairmanship of the group to Karachi.” Talking on the phone from Lahore, BMP chairman Anjum Nisar denied it and said that differences in politics were a routine issue. We will resolve this issue soon, these are minor differences,” he insisted.

The election campaign has started after the 2-year tenure of the officials in FPCCI has been completed, but the opposition group led by a provincial minister of the caretaker cabinet in Punjab, has started strengthening the group. On the other hand, the ruling group has started to break up, the members of the panel from Karachi are trying to get the post of chairman which has been in Lahore for 5 years. According to the fixed formula, the post of chairman was to be given to another province every 2 years. For this reason, these group leaders from Karachi boycotted the meeting of the group in Lahore on Saturday and organized a separate meeting in a club of DHA on Monday.