Friday September 22, 2023

PPP names Kashif Shoro as its candidate for Hyderabad mayor post

By Our Correspondent
June 06, 2023

The Pakistan Peoples Party on Monday formally announced the names of his party’s candidates for the posts of mayors, deputy mayors, chairmen, and vice-chairmen as heads of the municipal agencies in different cities and towns of the province.

The announcement to this effect was made by Sindh PPP President Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, while addressing a press conference at the media cell of the Bilawal House. As per the announcement, Kashif Shoro will be the PPP’s candidate for the mayoral post in Hyderabad while Sagheer Qureshi has been nominated as the deputy mayor of the second largest city of the province.

Abdul Rauf Ghouri and Junaid Buland will be the PPP candidates for the posts of mayor and deputy mayor of the Municipal Corporation Mirpurkhas. Qazi Rasheed and Mubashir Arian will be the candidates of the PPP for the posts of mayor and deputy mayor respectively of Municipal Corporation Shaheed Benazirabad. Arsalan Sheikh and Dr Arshad Mughal will be candidates for the slots of mayor and deputy mayor of the Municipal Corporation Sukkur.

Anwar Lohr and Muhammad Ameen Sheikh will be the Peoples Party’s candidates for mayor and deputy mayor respectively of the Municipal Corporation Larkana. In his tweet, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said: “Congratulations to all PPP nominees for chairman, deputy chairman, mayor, deputy mayor and towns. The people have expressed faith in the PPP. Now let’s go win the next round and get going with what we do best, serving the people. A special thank you to Hyderabad and Karachi for trusting us for the first time. I have full faith that Mr (Kashif) Shoro & Mr (Murtaza) Wahab will be the first but not the last PPP mayors of our two great cities.”

The election for Karachi’s mayor will be held on June 15. Barrister Wahab, currently an unelected person, would have to contest the election and become a member of the city council within six months if he wins the election for mayor. Najmi Alam, a Karachi PPP leader and newly elected UC chairman from District South in Karachi, offered Barrister Wahab to vacate his seat to let him contest the by-poll.

Sindh Labour and Human Resources Minister Saeed Ghani has said the PPP candidate nominated for the Karachi mayoral poll would win the upcoming election to become the next mayor of the city as a diehard activist of the party. In a statement, he greeted the PPP candidates nominated for the posts of Karachi mayor, deputy mayor, and chairmen, and vice-chairmen of 13 municipal towns to be formed in the city.

Ghani, who is also the Karachi PPP president, hoped that these candidates after winning the upcoming polls would serve the people of the city in the best possible manner. He mentioned that the top leadership of the party after consulting the provincial and Karachi chapters of the Peoples Party had fianlised the names of these candidates. He praised the PPP leadership for fianlising the name of Murtaza Wahab as the candidate for the mayoral post. Ghani recalled that recently Barrister Wahab had served the residents of Karachi very well in his capacity as administrator. He said Wahab would win the mayoral election. He also recalled his earlier statements that the next mayor of Karachi would be a diehard worker of the Peoples Party.

Ghani also predicted that the PPP-nominated candidate Salman Abdullah Murad would win the poll for deputy mayor, while other candidates of the party would emerge victorious in the elections for chairmen and vice-chairmen of 13 towns of Karachi. He said all these candidates after winning the elections would do their best to serve the residents of the city.