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Mediators for transparent probe into May 9 riots

By Our Correspondent
June 03, 2023

LAHORE:The meeting of The Mediators and Citizens for Democracy held here Friday. According to press statement, the forum condemned the adverse ramifications of May 9 violent attacks on state installations and monuments. They demanded thorough and credible investigations into the May 9 violent attacks on state installations and monuments. The culprits be prosecuted without duress while respecting women and releasing innocents.

They demanded an announcement of elections schedule for all assemblies on one day and establishment of caretaker setup in consultation with the erstwhile opposition parties in the outgoing assemblies at the end of their non-extendable tenures. They demanded Election Commission of Pakistan engage all political parties to finalise an inclusive framework, without excluding any party, for holding a free, fair and transparent franchise and an agreed code of ethics for all political parties and the media. They also demanded a congenial political atmosphere for free elections. They demanded fixing of minimum wage and pension of Rs50,000 for all wage earners.

Dry forecast


LAHORE:The provincial capital experienced a sunny day on Friday after a three-day wet and cloudy spell and hot and dry conditions likely to persist during the next week. Maximum temperature in the City was recorded 31°C, while minimum remained 22°C on

Friday. According to a spokesman for PMD, dry weather is expected in most parts of the