Tuesday October 03, 2023

Comment: Was May 9 an organic protest?

The May 9 protests were overseen by a team of organizers who had meticulously planned the locations of the protests.feat

June 01, 2023

An organic protest emerges spontaneously, devoid of premeditated planning or organized efforts. Such protests lack a predetermined leadership structure and formal hierarchy. Participants in organic protests tend to self-organize or act individually. Organic protests inherently embody grassroots activism. Organic protests defy a playbook or predetermined script to follow, and they remain decentralized in nature. A defining feature of organic protests is the absence of logistical arrangements and financial support.

A planned protest is organized in advance, with careful consideration given to logistics, goals, and strategies. Planned protests have specific objectives and employ specific tactics to achieve them. Planned protests have a structured planning process. Planned protests have a group of organizers who determine the purpose and location of the protests. In a planned protest there are designated leaders and organizers. Planned protests have a target audience and desired outcomes. Planned protests have organizers who actively engage in outreach efforts to gather participants. Planned protests have an allocation of resources, including funding, equipment, trained provocateurs and disruptors. In a planned protest targets are selected in advance, there’s coordination, standby reserves and a communication system in place.

On May 9, a group of protestors directed themselves towards predetermined targets. The demonstrations on that day were supported by comprehensive logistical arrangements and financial backing. The May 9 protests were overseen by a team of organizers who had meticulously planned the locations of the protests. Designated organizers and leaders were present on the ground, ensuring a structured approach. An efficient communication system had been established, and a considerable number of trained provocateurs were strategically positioned ahead of time. The May 9 protests exhibited a high level of coordination and precise timing.

The planned May 9 protests aimed to achieve three primary objectives: to erode trust in the army, to sow discord within its ranks, and to foster animosity towards the institution. Fortunately, the planners, the abettors and the facilitators all failed miserably. Fortunately, the efforts of the planners, abettors, and facilitators of these protests all ended in resounding failures.

The easiest way to distinguish between an organic protest and a planned one is by looking at the level of premeditated organization and leadership structure involved. By assessing these factors, we can readily differentiate between protests that arise spontaneously and those that are meticulously orchestrated. Such analysis provides valuable insights into the diverse nature of protests and the varying strategies employed to effect change.