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Karachiites have always rejected PPP: JI

By Our Correspondent
March 23, 2023

A fact is evident from the history of Karachi that its people always rejected the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

This was stated by Karachi Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Secretary General Munim Zaffar on Wednesday as he reacted to Karachi PPP President Saeed Ghani’s press conference earlier in the day, in which the PPP leader claimed that the JI had twice secured the mayoral post of Karachi through the establishment’s support.

Zaffar said the PPP needed to face the public instead of resorting to baseless blame game. Unfortunately, he maintained, the PPP always created hurdles against the local government setup in the province. The recent local government elections were held after intervention by the judiciary and sheer democratic pressure by the people, he said, adding that the PPP held the polls as a last option.

The JI leader said his party had been highlighting the dubious role played by returning officers (ROs) and district returning officers (DROs) installed by the PPP regime in the province. He claimed that it had been proved that several ROs and DROs committed post-poll rigging at the behest of the PPP.