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Prof Hassan to be honoured for research

By our correspondents
March 15, 2016


The first Abdus Salam Shield of Honour will be awarded to Professor Hassan Azad in a special ceremony at a hotel on Wednesday (tomorrow). 

Dr ADR Choudary, founding director general of Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU, will be the chief guest. The Abdus Salam Shield of Honour (ASSH) was created by the National Mathematical Society of Pakistan in April 2015 in order to take the Pakistani Mathematical community on track of quality research. This initiative is also taken to encourage the individuals who have dedicated their lives to serious research in mathematics. The evaluation committee chaired by Professor Cedric Villani (field medalist) had following members Professor Juergen Herzog, Professor Stefano Luzzatto and Professor Ioan Tomescu. 

The main research interest of the first recipient of ASSH, Prof Hassan Azad, was Lie Groups and Algebraic Groups and Algorithms related to these fields.  Professor Cedric Villani wrote in the final report of the committee: "It was our unanimous vote, independently of each other, that Hassan Azad is the most deserving candidate. He did not sacrifice the quality for the quantity, and published in excellent international journals. This is exactly the kind of example that we wish to promote." The award ceremony will take place at a local hotel at 7 pm.