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Fawara Chowk renamed after Karachi Press Club

By Our Correspondent
March 22, 2023

Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori on Tuesday said the Karachi Press Club (KPC) stands for upholding democratic values in Pakistan, as its members valiantly render sacrifices for the protection and survival of democracy.

Addressing a ceremony to rename Fawara Chowk near Saddar after the KPC, Tessori said politics and the press club had an everlasting connection, as the KPC served as a nursery for many politicians in the country.

He said that renaming Fawara Chowk is a humble way of paying tribute to the KPC’s decades-long services for the country. He added that unveiling the plaque for the historic renaming of an important landmark was an honour for him.

He said he would do his best to resolve the problems of media workers. “Intentions and integrity of character are more important than having powers for resolving public issues.” He said social and economic conditions in the country continue to deteriorate at an alarming pace. He added that for the past three or four months the Pakistani government has been unable to pay the rent for the buildings in other countries being used to house Pakistani diplomatic missions.

The governor said Pakistan has earned a bad name due to the sorry state of affairs. He said Karachi’s development and progress are important for improving the country’s economic conditions. He also said that being the representative of the federation and the constitutional head of Sindh, he would point out any human rights issue in the province.

Tessori said he has contacted all the stakeholders for the sake of Sindh’s unity, progress and development. He said that all the residents of the province should get uniform opportunities to make progress.

The KPC on the occasion awarded the governor the press club’s honorary membership. The KPC’s office-bearers, including its President Saeed Sarbazi and Secretary Shoaib Ahmed, thanked the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) for its decision to rename the important landmark after the press club. Tessori said such a decision would prove to be a befitting tribute to the decades-long struggle of the KPC to uphold the democratic and fundamental rights of the citizens of the country.