Monday March 20, 2023

Stand with Kashmir

February 06, 2023

Kashmir solidarity day gives us an opportunity to commemorate the struggle and suffering of those in Indian-Occupied Kashmir and those who have given their lives for their freedom. This illegal occupation has turned one of the most picturesque places on earth into an open-air prison. The Indian government’s abrogation of its own constitution via the revocation of Article 370 has led to unprecedented levels of brutality and draconian tactics. Despite attempts at dialogue, the Indian government refuses to budge.

The right-wing BJP is the driving force behind this escalation. Its attempts to militarily subdue the Kashmiris and force them into renouncing their claim to the region are bound to fail. The people of the valley have yet to accept this illegal move, bravely resisting the brutal tactics of the Indian occupation forces. We must do more for the Kashmiris through our global diplomacy and try to make the Indian government see sense. Ignoring the will of the Kashmiri people has already led to three wars and many unnecessary deaths. How many more must die before those responsible do the right thing?

Irfan Ali Qazi