Friday March 31, 2023

Encroachments on the rise in Mardan city

January 18, 2023

MARDAN: The bazaars in the Mardan city have seen the mushroom growth of encroachments while the district administration has become a silent spectator.

The residents walking the marketplaces are facing a host of difficulties because of the stalls and push-carts placed on footpaths.

During a visit, it was observed that the encroachers have occupied the majority of the bazaars and roundabouts, which contribute to traffic mess and inconvenience to pedestrians.

The encroachers have virtually occupied Bank Road, Charsadda Road, Adda Road, Malakand Chowk, Pakistan Chowk, Shahidano Bazaar, Par Hoti, Shamsi Road, Sarfaraz Gunj Bazaar, Dwasaro Chowk and other bazaars and localities in the city.

The encroachers have established illegal setups alongside roads by placing their showcases on footpath bearing items for sale which is troublesome for the customers visiting the market.

“Footpaths are rented either by owners or shopkeepers,” Said Rahman, a


Younas Khan, a customer, said that the encroachments were on the rise because the encroachers have enjoyed the backing of influential persons and authorities concerned.

Mohammad Naeem, a customer, said the encroachers also installed fruit and vegetable stalls on both sides of the road at different bazaars and chowks, causing inconveniences for pedestrians.

Noor Mohammad, a resident, said that illegal parking of three-wheelers

at different intersections had also created problems for the people.

The residents of Mardan city asked the deputy commissioner to take action against the encroachers.