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Search for the truth

By Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani
January 13, 2023

I recently watched a video on social media whose heart-touching message made me think that just because we cannot see something it does not mean it is not there. Our eyes cannot see the signals of cellular phones or WiFi, but the functionality of these devices is the undeniable evidence of their presence.

Every religion teaches its followers to serve humanity. The Creator of the universe sent 124,000 prophets and countless saints in different periods to prevent humans from falling into the pit of misguidance. The last prophet (pbuh) faced so many challenges as a preacher, but finally succeeded in establishing a remarkable peace-loving, tolerant and prosperous state, Madina. This city is a role model for all those people who want to make their society a cradle of peace.

Hinduism, considered the third largest religion in the world today, is the oldest religion in the world. In Hinduism, Shri Krishna has a great status as he is mentioned in the Mahabharata, Bhagavata Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Bhagavad Gita and other holy books. The followers of Krishna believe that he had all the qualities of a fighter, teacher, singer, engineer, psychologist, etc.

In the said video clip, the main character says that Krishna showed the right path through the Gita by feeling the pain of the people. Who can be a psychologist better than him who could control the minds of people through the eyes? Which greatest musician can play the flute better than him? Who can be a better doctor than him to recommend good health? Who else is braver than him to fight for dharma? Who else can be the source for rain from havan yagya? Who can be a professional engineer efficient than him to control the high-speed wind?

Krishnalived about 5,000 years ago and will always live in our hearts. Ever since I opened my eyes, I saw my elders serving humanity. We were taught from childhood that a good person is one who does good deeds for others. The festival of lights, Diwali, also conveys the same message that the ultimate victory is always the right and the truth.

Every year I celebrate Diwali according to the Hindu calendar. However, welcoming the English new year is also like observing diwali for me, which I celebrate by analyzing how I spent my previous year. Before the new year’s sun rises, I thank my Lord for the year I had and make a resolution for another year. In the first week of the first month, accompanied by my family members, I visit homes of several poor, deserving and marginalized people to provide them with ration and other essential items. In my view, this is the best way to thank God.

My next activity at the beginning of the new year is to facilitate the marriages of 100 poor Hindu couples by organizing a combined marriage ceremony. On January 8 this event, I successfully organized the annual event, a colourful cultural ceremony where the newly wedded couples started a new chapter of their lives in a memorable way. The ample media coverage also delivered a positive message at the global level that religious minorities in Pakistan have complete freedom to live their lives according to their faith under the constitution.

Being a devotee of Shri Krishna, I believe that all people should understand that while there are different ways to reach God, the ultimate goal should be to serve the suffering humanity and struggle for the truth. I pray that my current year will bring more peace and prosperity and hope to play a proactive role in the progress and development of my community and beloved country.

The writer is a member of the National Assembly and patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council.

He tweets @RVankwani