Thursday February 02, 2023

Scholars seek public help for abolishing Riba

By Our Correspondent
December 05, 2022

LAHORE:Speakers at a seminar stressed that after the Federal Shariah Court completely banned the Riba and set a deadline for its abolition, the public pressure should also be exerted on the rulers to eliminate interest from the country's economy.

The seminar was chaired by Tanzeem Islami ameer Shujauddin Sheikh, who warned that if the appeals filed before Supreme Court against the anti-usury decision of FSC were not withdrawn, Pakistan will be seen standing back to where it stood at the time of its establishment. He urged the nation and Islam loving people to launch a peaceful movement for the implementation of Sharia law.

He said enforcing Islamic laws was necessary for all Muslims; otherwise, the purpose of life would be lost. He said recently, the Wifaq of madaris comprising scholars of all schools of thought agreed on a unanimous translation of the Holy Qur'an, which is a great achievement of the present era. He said whenever the scholars had agreed and united on an issue, Allah had blessed them with success.