Tuesday February 07, 2023

No benefit to consumers despite cut in prices

December 05, 2022

LAHORE:The price of tomato has started a declining trend with the arrival of Hyderabad (Sindh) crop in the market as the dependency on the imported tomatoes will gradually end.

However, the substantial decline in the rates of tomatoes is not possible this year as the large farm lands in the Sindh province is still submerged under the flash flood water where water is not receding, rather the land is absorbing it. Thus, it has been limiting the supplies from only those districts which were less affected and agriculture farming resumed swiftly.

On the other side, onion rates are not coming down as country is still depending on the imported crop from Afghanistan and other parts of the world. The price of onion was once declined with improved supplies from Afghanistan. But it was again gone up when Afghan's administration imposed heavy duties on the export of onion from there which again pushed the rates back to Rs200 per kilogram bracket.

Furthermore, the rates of potatoes were coming down with the improved supplies of it from both KP and Punjab Districts. Earlier, stored variety was being sold keeping the rates upwards. However, now harvesting of Punjab potato crops has also kicked off which is bringing down the rates quickly.

Similarly, the prices of other seasonal vegetables also witnessed a decline with improvised supplies. However, its benefit was not passed on to the consumers due to open violations of the rate lists across the board everywhere of the province.

This week price of chicken reduced by Rs3 per kg, fixed at Rs268-276 per kg, sold at Rs320-330 per kg, while chicken meat fixed at Rs414 per kg, and sold at Rs450-800 per kg.

The price of potato soft skin new A-grade was reduced by Rs11 per kg, fixed at Rs57-62 per kg, B-Grade by Rs10 per kg, fixed at Rs50-55 per kg, C-grade at Rs44-48 per kg, mixed sold at Rs70-80 per kg,

The price of onion A-grade was fixed at Rs176-188 kg, sold at Rs220-230 per kg, B-grade increased by Rs5 per kg, at Rs160-170 per kg, sold at Rs180-200 per kg, and C-grade by Rs10 per kg, fixed at Rs138-147 per kg, sold at Rs160-170 per kg.

The price of tomato A-grade declined by Rs45 per kg, fixed at Rs140-150 per kg, sold at Rs180-200 per kg, B-grade at Rs128-136 per kg, and C-grade, fixed at Rs117-124 per kg, B&C sold at Rs150-160 per kg.

The price of garlic local increased by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs235-245 per kg, sold at Rs280-320 per kg, and garlic Chinese fixed at Rs285-295 sold at Rs350-400 per kg.

The price of Ginger Thai was declined by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs310-325 per kg sold up to Rs400 per kg. Cucumber Farm reduced by Rs8 per kg, fixed at Rs52-55 per kg, sold at Rs60-70 per kg and cucumber local price was not fixed sold at Rs150-180 per kg.

Brinjal price gained by Rs7 per kg, fixed at Rs50-52 per kg, while sold at Rs60-70 per kg. Bitter gourd was also increased by Rs11 per kg, fixed at Rs60-64 per kg, sold at Rs80-100 per kg. Both Spinach farm and local increased by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs33-35 per kg, sold at Rs50 per kg, and local fixed at Rs43-45 per kg, sold at Rs60 per kg.

The price of Banana Special gained by Rs5 per dozen, fixed at Rs140-145 per dozen, sold at Rs180 per dozen, A-category, fixed at Rs90-95 per dozen, sold at Rs140-150 per dozen, and B-category fixed at Rs67-70 per dozen, sold at Rs100-120 per dozen, and C-category fixed at Rs55-58 per dozen, sold at Rs70-80 per dozen.

Guava was fixed at Rs68-72 per kg, sold at Rs70-120 per kg. Pomegranate Kandhari gained by Rs15 per kg, fixed at Rs220-230 per kg, sold at Rs250-500 per kg, pomegranate bedana was increased by Rs20 per kg, fixed at Rs490-510 per kg, sold at Rs700-800 per kg pomegranate danedar by Rs10 per kg, was fixed at Rs340-355 per kg, sold at Rs400-450 per kg.

Fruiter was fixed at Rs84-110 per dozen, sold at Rs200-300 per dozen. Citrus fruit was fixed at Rs70-105 per dozen, sold at Rs180-350 per dozen.