Tuesday February 07, 2023

Reviving hockey

November 28, 2022

Nowadays, when we talk about hockey in Pakistan, the discussion invariably turns to the pathetic state of the sport in our country and how far we have fallen from the halcyon days of Pakistani hockey. Past greats crib and blame each other for this deterioration, while boasting that they have the capability of restoring our former glory. Those of us who lived these days cannot help but feel nostalgic. How did the sport of our childhood reach this sorry state? One of the reasons is that we never strengthened and modernized the sports management system. Our hockey legends were undoubtedly masters in the rectangle, but sports management is a different ball game. Pakistan hockey is currently living off the achievements of the past. But, in order to replicate the past successes, we need a top-to-bottom reform of the system. Management structure, infrastructure, the way young players are trained to play the game – all have to adapt to the standards of modern hockey. A mere change in personnel will not be enough.

Maj Gen (r) Tariq Suri