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Military appointments: ‘Consultation with Imran uncalled for’

By News Desk
November 25, 2022
(L to R) President Arif Alvi and PTI Chairman Imran Khan. — Facebook/File
(L to R) President Arif Alvi and PTI Chairman Imran Khan. — Facebook/File

LAHORE: Senior journalists and anchorpersons with varying analyses of the eventually positive outcome covered the chiefs’ appointment matter on Thursday. 

Geo News anchor Shahzeb Khanzada said President Arif Alvi has spoiled his position by consulting with Imran Khan on the military appointments’ matter, proving that he represents the PTI.

Shahzeb advised Imran Khan to stop calling establishment to help when it has decided to stay away from politics.

The anchor said the country would move forward if the way through which Imran Khan’s stature was raised by discrediting the entire political leadership is shunned.

He said senior journalist Ansar Abbasi had already informed him at noon the president would fly to Lahore the moment he got the summary for the appointments, while Imran Khan confirmed that he (Alvi) is PTI’s president so would definitely consult with him.

Ansar Abbasi said Imran Khan did not play with the appointment issue the way he played with the cipher or country’s economy. He said Imran Khan, by not making an issue of the appointment, has sent a gesture to the new army chief that he is not against him.

Capital Talk host Hamid Mir said Imran Khan affirmed that if the prime minister can fly to London for consultation on army chief’s appointment, his party’s president (Alvi) can also travel to Lahore.

Anchorperson Saleem Safi said President Alvi’s consultation with Imran Khan was unnecessary.

He said that with the appointment decision, all conspiracy theories have died down. He said that politics can be normalized through prudence. He said all politicians, including Imran Khan, and other stakeholders are unpredictable.