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Sindh govt to strengthen CTD and Special Branch, vows Murad

November 18, 2022

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Thursday visited the Sindh police’s display at the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) 2022 at the Karachi Expo Centre as well as the Karachi IDEAS show at Sea View as the chief guest.

The CM said on the occasion that this year, his provincial government’s main focus is on strengthening the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), the Special Branch and other units of the police.

“We want to strengthen the Sindh police so that there is no need for any other institution in terms of logistics. Such a defence exhibition is adding to the country’s production.” Officials said that in the morning, the CM first visited the Sindh Police Display at IDEAS, where delegates and citizens were seen taking an interest in what was on offer. He was briefed by Security DIG Dr Maqsood Ahmed about the features of the Sindh police’s display.

The DIG also briefed the CM about the services of his Security Division, the establishment of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), modern policing and the significance of the latest information technology being adopted by the Sindh police.

The CM said the provincial government is concentrating on the capacity building of the Sindh police and has approved the funds for upgrading different police units. He asked the Sindh police to compile a list of the weapons and gadgets they require so that the same can be forwarded to the relevant department for acquisition.

The chief executive also congratulated the event organiser, as more than 51 countries and more than two delegations are participating in the exhibition. He said arms production in Pakistan is also growing as an industry.

“This activity will make the business bigger, and it is an honour for us to have the IDEAS event in Sindh as this is the biggest event ever. I hope that it will be of great benefit going forward.”

He added that it is being said that this place is getting smaller, and that the organisers have remarked that a lot of people have to refuse because of a lack of space. The CM said that this is an important step towards taking the economy in a positive direction, adding that there is a big difference between what this exhibition was before and what it is today.

Later, at the Karachi IDEAS show organised at Nishan-e-Pakistan Sea View, he was accompanied by Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori, provincial minister Shabbir Bijarani, Vice Admiral Faisal Rasul Lodhi, HI(M), Vice Chief of the Naval Staff Rear Admiral Raja Rab Nawaz, HI(M), and the Commander Coast. Foreign delegates were also present on the occasion.

The CM said on the occasion that since 9/11, Pakistan had been experiencing the worst form of terrorism, but credit goes to the brave soldiers of the country who eliminated all the challenges linked with it from Pakistani soil.

He pointed out that this was not possible without having adequate training and the best equipment. He appreciated the role of the armed forces in general and of the Pakistan Navy in particular as regards the relief activities in the wake of the recent floods in Sindh.

He said the navy being cognisant of its responsibility has remained at the forefront in providing humanitarian and disaster relief assistance to the people trapped in inaccessible areas by using helicopters and hover crafts.

As for the Karachi IDEAS show, he said that it is indeed a fabulous experience. He added that it is heartening to watch a professionally conducted demonstration by the armed forces, whose capabilities speak volumes about their dedication and commitment to defend Pakistan against any aggression by any enemy. “Such readiness is the surety of peace, and it is projected in the IDEAS 2022 event under the theme of ‘Arms for Peace’,” he pointed out.

The CM said the showcasing of weapons and equipment during the exhibition was proof that technology played an important part in the defence of any country and also for the armed forces to undertake their assigned responsibility. He congratulated the Pakistan Navy for arranging an incredible event at Nishan-e-Pakistan in a befitting manner. “It’s also an honour for us that our friends from different corners of the world are participating in this exhibition.”

He said he wanted to send the message across the world that Pakistan was a peace-loving country and would like to take all possible measures to avoid conflict with any country. “However, our desire for peace should not be mistaken for our weakness, as the Pakistan Armed Forces are fully ready to respond to any aggression if imposed upon us.”

According to him, a platform like IDEAS provides an opportunity to understand technological advancements in the field of the defence sector across the globe. “It not only gives awareness regarding modern technology and military equipment but also provides an opportunity to exchange progressive ideas in learning from each other’s experiences.”