Monday February 06, 2023

PTI protester injured by electric shock, fall from pole

By News Desk
November 08, 2022

RAWALPINDI: A PTI worker Monday got injured after receiving an electric shock and falling to the ground when he tried to climb up an electricity pole on Rawalpindi’s Murree Road, rescue officials said.

The man, identified as Zeenatullah, received an electric shock and fell to the ground after clinging to the pole’s heavy-duty wires. Rescue workers reached the incident’s spot to shift the man to the hospital; however, the ambulance found it difficult to wade through the traffic jams.

The 23-year-old resident of district Orakzai is being provided medical treatment following his injury. The PTI worker remained unconscious after the shock, which was followed by the terrifying fall. The party is currently holding protests in different cities of the country, while the anti-government long march has been postponed till Thursday.