By A. Akmal
Tue, 08, 22

This week You! is giving you the lowdown on how to wear the hot hue for the season: green…



There are some colours that go with pretty much anything and everything. You don’t even need to think twice about getting dressed in said colour. But then there are other colours that make you scratch your head, wondering how to wear it. Nowadays, we are starting to see green as the hot hue for the season. Perhaps it has something to do with the current gardening trends and being outdoorsy that green is starting to grow on us. (Pun totally intended!)

And while green is gorgeous colour, some people find it hard to style it over other colours.

What ways does green look best? What does it go with? How do I pull off this colour without looking silly? What should I wear with dark green? How do I accessorise with this hue? All your questions will be answers. This week You! is giving you the lowdown on how to wear your green for not just Independence Day but well beyond that too…


Go green with your wardrobe

Every time Independence Day comes around, almost every girl has worn a white shalwar kameez with a green dupatta to celebrate the occasion. However, we are here to break the monotony, expand that zone and delve into something different. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to splurge too much.

Flaunt it all: Whether it’s a gorgeous emerald green, a vibrant sea green or the cool mint green hue, it looks great on its own. Even if it is for a formal event, the key is to keep it simple with minimal embroidery and embellishments, the hue will shine on its own.

Splash some green: Since the weather has been quite moody lately, so we suggest taking a leaf out of some street styles. You can nail transitional dressing by throwing on a layer of green over an otherwise basic outfit. A splash of the hue will inject life into the most normcore choices. We’re talking beige, black, pinks, monochrome and so much more. You can also use it as a highlight colour with a hero piece such as a coat, shoes, shirt, dress, skirt or pants and draw attention to your best assets.

Don’t shy away from digital prints: Just because you have a printed green shirt or a trouser, doesn’t mean that you cannot pair it with anything else. You’d be surprised how many different ways you can style your clothes that are just lying in your wardrobe. First off, choose complementing colours other than the mainstream combinations (like Christmas red or white). The way to work around this is to vary your shades like light blues, pinks, oranges, browns and so many more. You can also freshen it up a little with florals, that combination can never go wrong!


For the luscious look

Green is a tricky colour when it comes to makeup. It can either look amazing or it can look downright messy and unflattering. Green borderlines into the smokey eye category, so you have to be clear on what kind of look you are going for. If you want to try something matte, it’s a good idea to apply a green shadow on top and add a chocolate brown colour in the lower lash. Paired with a black liner and kohl, this look is not only easy to do, it’ll also complement our desi skin tones. If you want to up this look, try adding some shimmer to the mix. You can either add some chunky green glitter or some green liquid shimmer to the centre of your lid to highlight your eye makeup.

If you like to keep things subtle, you can do so elegantly with a green liner. You don’t necessarily need a green liner, a green lip pencil or a green eyeshadow will do just fine. Prep your eyelid with a tiny bit of primer, less than what you would usually use, and the coat it with a transition shade, a light brown or a vanilla shade. Line your lid with a green liner – start off with a thin line to make your shape and then add onto it. If you are using a green eye shadow, spritz your brush with a setting spray before you dip into the pan and then follow the same step. Apply a thick liner on top, a thin on the lower lash and line your waterline with kohl.

Pro-tip: When selecting accompanying makeup colours, opt for light grey or beige hues. A neutral lip colour will give you a beautifully understated look and work well with a bold eye.

Moreover, pearl-coloured highlighters are great for contrasting and illuminating your features.


Oomph with some emeralds

The easiest way to make a statement is to add some accent accessories if you aren’t in a mood to put in a lot of work. Green jewellery is trending a lot nowadays, whether it’s for daily wear or bridals, which makes it super easy to find something to go with the theme. You can opt for studs with green stones and zircons or a pendant which will look chic. Chunky, beady green necklaces can be a great addition to your collection. Moreover, there are also plenty of floral and leafy themed jewelleries that will look cute with your outfit.

If jewelleries aren’t your thing, green sandals and bags are also a great way to make a statement. A dark green bag or shoes will add the much-needed oomph and green to your makeover. Last but not least, a manicure it also an accessory. While you can do a simple green polish, you can also get creative and make a crescent and a star, or you can do a half moon manicure that has been in-vogue for quite a while.