Revamp your closet

By Wallia Khairi
Tue, 07, 22

Being fashionable whilst maintaining finances might seem difficult, but it really isn’t. We at You! are here to help you recycle, reduce and reuse your way to an updated wardrobe…

Revamp your closet


Do you have a closet full of perfectly appealing clothes, shoes and bags that you haven’t touched in months? Do they seemingly stare at you asking, “Why’d you even buy me?” as you reach for the same kurti you wore yesterday and the day before that? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time for you to revamp that wardrobe and up your fashion game.

But what do you do when everything around you is getting expensive? Being fashionable whilst maintaining finances might seem difficult, but it really isn’t.

To spruce up your wardrobe without buying anything ‘new’ is a struggle for most of us, if not all. Most of us have enough stuff. And yet, we crave novelty. But that doesn’t diminish the desire for new acquisitions. Retail therapy is real and it needn’t induce guilt. From upcycling and rental, to clothing swaps and resale, the circular economy is booming. We at You! are here to help you recycle, reduce and reuse your way to an updated wardrobe…

Detox that wardrobe

Before adding any new pieces to your wardrobe, it’s time to say goodbye to some of your well-loved or never-worn items. Take the time to go through your closet and see what you can part with.

Departing with clothes that are no longer your style makes more room in your wardrobe and creates a fresh start for your new aesthetic. Plus, you may even be able to take your gently-used clothing to a consignment store or sell them online for some added funds to purchase new items.

Be creative with what you already have

After cleaning out your closet you may have some pieces that you don’t want to part with or that can serve another purpose. When you want to revamp your wardrobe on a budget, reinventing some of your existing clothing items is a great way to save money.

Be inspired by trendy items and see how you can breathe new life into what you already own. For instance, to own a pair of distressed jeans you don’t have to go and buy a completely new one. Just grab a pair of scissors and those old jeans you’ve pushed to the back of your closet and voila! A new pair of jeans to keep up with the trend.

Revamp your closet

Upgrade with staple pieces

When it comes to having a minimal closet, having a few staple pieces is key. It helps you against hoarding and overspending on unnecessary stuff. Your staples include; having a good pair of jeans which you are also comfortable in, having at least 1 stylish white trousers which you can pair with multiple kurtis, one outfit of matching separates in a solid colour and the star of the show is owning at least one timeless white kurti which never goes out of style. It can be utilised with different coloured dupattas, different cuts of trousers and countless diverse kinds of jewellery. When it comes to shopping for clothes on a budget, pick pieces you’ll wear a lot to get your money’s worth. You’ll wear your statement pieces more if you have staples to pair with them.

Fall in love with neutrals

As you begin rummaging through your vast collection, try separating all of the neutral items you have in your wardrobe and put them into one place - trust us, they’ll help you when you come to style an outfit in a new way. These are your look’s ‘base’ colours, and they’re perfect for adding oomph to an all-black outfit. You can always add a pop of colour to the look to make it look more chic like those pair of fuchsia pink heels you bought and hardly put it to any use.

Revamp your closet

Accessories are wardrobe saviours

This is where your creativity comes into full-force. Accessories are your best friends when it comes to repeating an outfit. You can style your outfits in a million ways with the right accessories. For example, a good pair of heels can elevate any outfit instantly and if you buy it in a neutral such as a nude one, then it pretty much pairs with any piece of clothing. Pick out those necklaces and earrings you never go for, and make them work by stacking and layering with pieces you already love. and when you have a certain budget in mind, it’s safer to shop for something long-lasting rather than for a passing trend. Aim to get bags and shoes that add style to your wardrobe, and they will always look updated.

Rent, don’t buy!

Renting outfits has been a norm around the world. While, it is fairly a new concept in Pakistan, it is one that needs to be adapted quickly. It is an easy solution and you can easily rent out brand new clothes for an economical price. Rental offers affordable and commitment-free variety also contributing towards sustainability. Now, when you have a sudden wedding to attend and just don’t have anything to wear, you can simply choose a dress you like and rent it for not even quarter of the amount. There are numerous places offering such services in Pakistan like ‘’, ‘Closet – dresses for rent’, ‘Rent it’, and many more easily available online.

Revamp your closet

Thrift stores are your new best friend

A great way to save money on clothing is to take advantage of thrift shops. Thrift shops sell used but good quality clothes and part of the income goes to charities as a donation. This way, you can buy clothes of good quality and also give back to society. You can check out the famous Sunday Bazaar or if you need really amazing western pieces then Karachi Playhouse, Gulf, is a place you should definitely explore. These places don’t necessarily have only pre-loved clothes, but you can also find brand new items which ended up here a due to export rejects or have some slight defect in them. Nevertheless, it is a sustainable option for those not trying to put a dent in their wallet just to look good.

Revamp your closet

Retail therapy

All of us love shopping. Shopping is great, as it releases dopamine and makes us feel good. It makes one feel in control, on top of things and escape from reality. We use retail therapy to forget our problems for the short term. Saving money on clothing shopping is especially easy during sales. A lot of times, flash sales online will give you sizeable discounts on clothing which is usually very expensive. Apart from this, there are few apps which provide you with the option to buy clothes on instalments such as on ‘Qistpay’. Mindful shopping can save you from a lot of regrets and is the best way to save up.

Fashion fusion

If you’re looking for ways to elevate your everyday look and add a touch of uniqueness to it, a tad bit of desi fusion may be all you need to make a style statement. Whether it’s the tried and tested combo of baggy, colourful shalwars and basic t-shirts, the addition of a koti on top of your everyday jeans and T-shirt outfit, or simply wearing chooriyaan and black metal jewellery with a dress, there are a million and one ways to incorporate a desi touch to western outfits or vice versa.