By Maria Shirazi
Tue, 01, 22

It is time to trend up for the New Year. This week You! talks to a few beauticians who predict the latest hair and makeup trends for 2022...


It is no secret that beauty trends are ever evolving. What was all the rage a few months back can slide into oblivion as soon as some new trend hits the market. One thing is for sure that we are always looking for ways to celebrate beauty. And with the New Year here, it is definitely time to transform our looks and get ahead of the curve as far as hair and makeup trends 2022 are concerned. There is nothing better than getting all the dazzling beauty info from some of our favourite beauticians who share what’s going to be all the rage this year. All set to stand out and look beautiful? Read on to find out more...

Q1. What will be the overall look for 2022?

Q2. In your opinion which eyeshades and lip colours will be in vogue in 2022?

Q3. In terms of hairstyles what is going to be in vogue in 2022?

Q4. What would you recommend for great skin care?

Q5. What are some beauty tips for 2022?

Bina Khan


1. We’ve become so out of touch with each other due to the pandemic that it’s hard to trace cohesive trends. Having said that, I think when we’ll be completely mask free, we want to be bold with our lips! I see people being newly brave with colour.

2. I know already that we are big in to purple. We’ve always shied away from this hue because purples are usually too blue for us, which is why I was careful and delighted to create ‘Anaar’ in my lip spectrum range. Brown skin with the right rich plum/magenta lips just pops! It’s also incidentally my personal favourite to wear. Plum blush and eye shadow have been on trend for a while now already and will be seen trending through 2022 as well.

3. I think we want to be more relaxed and I notice more people exploring their natural hair texture with intelligent product selection and styling. Like everything in beauty, we seem to be moving towards a more appreciative acceptance and thoughtful understanding of our individual personalities, and we are aware that hair is as loaded a subject as skin. Also the horror of the homogenised, surgery-driven quest for the same overly produced face and look seems to be fading. Perhaps it is the pandemic that has taught us to value ourselves for the unique beauty that we possess, but we are simply more resistant to blindly accepting arbitrary beauty norms. Now, beauty is about celebration and not about using ‘tricks’ to hide your ‘flaws’. We had normalised an extreme approach to appearance, but I don’t think we are there anymore.

4. Exfoliation is the key to great skin. Without helping your skin to slough off the dead skin layers, you are trying to moisturise, tone and hydrate skin that is hidden behind a hardened layer that needs to be removed. Chemical exfoliation is the best, so I recommend a monthly facial.

5. Have fun wherever you can and be safe. Health and care for others are the most beautiful things you can do.

Raana Khan


1. In my opinion, 2022 will be all about feather haircuts, high, long ponytails, tight curls or super sleek hair. Moreover, dewy skin as well as combed, glossy eyebrows will be very much in fashion.

2. As for eye makeup trends, dramatic eyeliner and play of different contrasting eyeshades will be trending this year. For lips, earthy lip hues as well as bold lip liner and lip colours are the way to go.

3. Hairstyles that will rule in 2022 include centre-parted wet look, tight curls tied into a bun and not to forget curtain bangs that were all the rage last year have no chance of dying out any time soon.


4. A great skin care involves pampering your skin in the morning as well as at night. So, it is important to keep your skin moisturised at all times. Apply serums and don’t forget to use scrub once a week. Apart from that, make sure to invest in a face roller, they are amazing for your skin.

5. Overall care is a must. It’s all about what suits you according to your skin, hair and body type. I would suggest that you carry bold looks yet stay minimal and make sure you don’t go overboard.

Mona J


1. This year the main focus is on overall health and clean, glassy looking skin. So, try and take good care of your skin and for that you need to use moisturiser, primer and serum. Remember, a good quality serum is effective to achieve that glassy skin. If we talk about beauty trends, in my opinion ’60s eyeliners, double-winged and graphic eyeliners will be in vogue. In fact, eye makeup is going to be bolder compared to the 2021 no makeup look.

2. Eyeshades that will rule in 2022 include bold and beautiful tones. Think colourful, funky eyeshades. Lip colours in medium tones – close to your natural lip colour – has been quite popular for some time now and it will continue to shine in 2022 as well.

3. Natural waves and out of the bed hair look will be in. I think blow dries will be out. In 2022, haircuts like bobs and medium hair length will take centre stage.

4. I can’t begin to tell you how important your skin care routine is. Applying moisturisers and creams on your skin is important but what you eat actually makes a whole lot of a difference. So, it won’t be wrong to say that what you eat shows on your skin. I think a healthy lifestyle and balanced meal is vital for a healthy and glowing skin. Moreover, make sure to use a face wash and toner as well as a serum containing vitamin C and hyaluronic acid – both are great for a fresh and hydrated looking skin.

5. Well, the best beauty tip that I can suggest for 2022 is to opt for healthy lifestyle. Go for walks regularly, consume smoothies made of fresh vegetables and fruits and don’t ignore your skin care routine. All you need to do is use a face wash and scrub in the morning and at night time applying a toner and moisturiser is a must. Also I advise going for a facial once a month as exfoliation tends to get rid of dead skin. Most importantly, whenever you are stepping out of the house don’t forget to apply a sunblock.

Beenish Parvez


1. Wide-legged flared pants, skinny jeans is overrated and I think in 2022 we will see more fringes and frills. Cat suits will be making their way in our closets as well as lots of pearl and different stoned accessories will be popular. Moreover, bold and bright colours will rule the New Year. In my opinion sparkles will be in fashion and can add oomph to any look of yours.

2. Dewy light weight foundation and glossy skin will surely be in trend. Also, colourful, shimmery shadows and ’80s multiple eyeshades will be making a comeback. Some of the trending lip colours include brown, peach and glossy pink shades. In fact, outlined and defined lips will be the ‘it’ thing.

3. Hairstyles that will be popular include zigzag parting; defined waves and curls; fluffy, voluminous hair. Haircuts with lots of layers and bangs will take over the year 2022. Not to forget, curly bangs and naturally defined curly hair texture will also be in.

4. If you want to have great skin, it is important to have plenty of water, get enough sleep and consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, wash your face twice a day, apply moisturiser day and night; and also use a sunblock even if you are at home. Take care of your makeup brushes and clean them regularly.

5. Last but not least, start experimenting with your makeup. Avoid using straightening irons as much as you can because 2022 is all about embracing your hair’s natural texture, Keep your skin hydrated if you want the glowy effect for your makeup looks.