By Asif Khan
Tue, 08, 21

This week You! talks to Arisha Shah and gets to know her beauty secrets, along with her likes and dislikes…

beauty interview

A model and a successful entrepreneur, Arisha Shah rose to fame as one of the most sought-after models and continued to dominate the ramp and magazine covers for many years. She has walked the ramp and modelled for big names like HSY, Maria B., Karma, Nomi Ansari, Shayan Malik, Imran Kureishi, Toni&Guy to name a few.

Now, a single mother of two, this fashionista bade farewell to modelling and delved into the world of interior design five years ago. Despite raising two kids and working as an interior designer, Shah continues to radiate the same charisma and elegance as before.

 Arisha is pretty good at handling her work-life balance and she credits her sisters and some of her closest friends who supported her.

She also believes in putting her hundred per cent and letting the chips fall where they may. Currently, Arisha is busy with lots in the pipeline. “There are new collaborations, sourcing new Italian products like furniture, wardrobes.

 We are working having an option for selling directly from Italy to our clients in Pakistan and worldwide,” she shares. This week You! talks to Arisha Shah and gets to know her beauty secrets, along with her likes and dislikes…


You! How old were you, when you started doing your makeup?

Around 14.

You! What is your go-to makeup?

KIKO’s daily protection BB cream with SPF 30, Velvet touch blush and lipstick with gloss.

You! When stepping out, do you wear makeup all the time?

Not all the time, but mostly I do.

You! Do you use sunblocks or any serums when you go to shoots?


You! After coming back from shoots how do you remove the makeup and cleanse your skin?

I use Estee Lauder makeup remover and KIKO’s facewash, and then I used Estee Lauder toner and Guinot’s Radiance cream afterwards.

You! Do you use cool or warm toned foundations?

The one that matches my skin perfectly.

You! Hair gets damaged after straightening and blow drying. How do you manage?

Yes, that’s true, but oiling helps, of course. Drink lots of water to keep the natural hair shine, especially in summers. Also, if the right hair serums are applied before blow dry and iron, then there’s less damage.

You! What do you do to keep your hair healthy?

I take hair vitamins every now and then. The recent one I discovered is Perfectil plus which is really great.

You! Any tips for school and university going girls to stay fresh in the summer?

Lots of sunblock, less makeup and drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.

You! What is your take on natural makeup or zero makeup?

In my teens and twenties, I used to wear a lot of heavy makeup, like tons of it. In my modelling days, my skin had to go through different products and tons of foundation on a regular basis. Lately, I cannot even think of wearing foundation on a daily basis. I am all about natural makeup, light face powder, blush and gloss only.

You! Advice for women who can’t buy expensive brands but still want to look good…

Wear anything that suits your skin. We all have different skin types so an expensive product doesn’t mean it will be good on your skin as well. Sometimes cheap products work great.

You! One thing you can’t give up that keeps you healthy and fit?

Waking up early and having cereal with yogurt.

You! What is one cosmetic you cannot do without?

Lip gloss.

You! What are your favourite brands in lipsticks?

Charlotte Tilbury Nude lips icon kit.

You! What is your favourite perfume?

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

You! When it comes to cosmetics, which brand do you usually use?

I use different brands like KIKO, M.A.C, Chanel, L’Oréal, NYX and the list goes on…

You! What’s in your beauty bag?

Lipstick, blush and KIKO’s eyebrow sculpt pencil.

You! When applying makeup, what do you fear the most?


You! Do you go to salon regularly for your facials?

Not really, whenever I can take out some extra time.

You! Your favourite hair stylist?

Toni&Guy is really good with hairstyling, colour and cut.

You! Do you use anti-aging creams?

Recently I started with some Guinot products.

You! Your beauty regimen?

Cleanse, tone, moisturise and repeat!

You! What does beauty mean to you?

Looking good even without any makeup on.


You! What is your strength?

Work, work and more work.

You! What is most precious to you?

My kids.

You! Your ride or die in tough times?

My sisters, of course. I lost my mother when I was 23, so being the youngest, my elder sisters are like mom to me.

You! What touches you the most?

People who respect their parents.

You! What bores you the most?

Watching TV.

You! Something you would like to remember:

Architecture school experience in Los Angeles.

You! Something you would like to forget:

Struggles of life.

You! Something you like about yourself:

My determination!

You! When feeling low you prefer:


You! Your definition of love:

It hurts!

You! You like men who are...


You! The biggest misconception about you:

There are many, but who cares!

You! Among your friends you’re known as:

You should ask my friends!

You! Your favourite pastime during the lockdown phase?

Planning for the next work opportunity and how to accomplish it.

You! If given another chance to live your life, what will you do?

Be a pilot.

You! If you could be another person, who would you like to be?

Amal Clooney.

You! A message for our readers…

Thank you for taking the time out to read my interview! We’re going through a tough time through this pandemic but it will be over one day. Work hard, follow your dreams and never give up! You can’t see your future through a rearview mirror!