The sound of music

By you desk
Tue, 07, 21

This week we are featuring Auj’s new single ‘Nawazish’, a rock band and Farah Esa’s ‘Ni Ranjha’, a soulful artist…


Music is said to be one of the easiest way to reduce stress. Yes, according to different studies, music is known to have a positive effect on our heart rate and may even decrease the levels of stress hormones. Listening to music can make you feel more relaxed. Music can be described in terms of many genres and styles. There is jazz, rock & roll, fusion music, classical music, pop music, soulful music and the list goes on. In Pakistan good music is being produced by talent artists. This week we are featuring Auj’s new single ‘Nawazish’, a rock band and Farah Esa’s ‘Ni Ranjha’, a soulful artist…

Music to melt hearts

The winner of the fourth Pepsi Battle of the Bands, Auj, is finally out with their much-awaited new single ‘Nawazish’ – accompanied by a captivating music video starring Anoushay Abbasi alongside the band itself. Auj is a rock band based out of Karachi, Pakistan. The band includes Nasir Zaka, Abdur Rahman Sajid, Muhammad Kashif and Syed Hasnain Ali. The band is known for being the winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands fourth season in 2019.

The lyrically evocative new song was released in a star-studded live concert, celebrating the launch of the single. ‘Nawazish’ explores the concept of love and hate, and the feelings and traumas it brings in our lives and relationships. The song is a heartbreaking tale of loss and victimisations portrayed beautifully in a soft rock musical escape by the band.

‘Nawazish’ is the perfect representation of Auj’s musical style – all the while taking away from their signature sound, and amping it up with something fresh and magical. The song is a part of their upcoming running album – which would be their first album release after their big win at Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

The band is applauded for their lyrical prowess, dynamic vocals and musical compositions. The band is all set to release more songs for the rest of the year.

Some soulful music

Having previously released tracks which capture her talent as a soulful artist, Farah Essa continues to create music which resonates with her audience and fan-base. With ‘Ni Ranjha’, the ballad singer has brought to life the art of classical dance, tradition and a beautiful sense of heritage.

Produced by MindMap Communications and written by Bulleh Shah, ‘Ni Ranjha’ is a timeless classic directed by Zayn Sarbazzy, with a deep, established understanding of traditional values and history. Farah Essa has managed to eloquently elaborate the song with her passionate style of singing, channelling both harmony and celebration into the arc of the song. With music by Sameer Ahmed Bakthiari and Farrukh Sheikh from Blue Notes Studio’s distinct arrangement, Farah Essa paints a visually striking picture using the art of pitch along with Erum Bashir’s classical dance moves and dazzling expressions, which only add to the rich, sensational aesthetic and feel of the song.

With a keen eye on direction, the concept of the historical ‘Kathak’ dance has been executed wonderfully, delving into the ageless art of classical storytelling with each graceful movement revealing something more. ‘Ni Ranjha’ manages to highlight and focus on tradition and Pakistani culture, using these said “classical instruments” such as the ‘ghungru’, ‘teeka’, henna and ‘nath’ to bring to life unforgettable moments of celebration, joy and happiness. With colours transitioning according to emotions and beats, the natural beauty of the video emphasises a lush environment, full of opportunities for growth, which mesmerises and invokes a sense of excitement with its subtle yet charming message about love and the exhilarating feelings which accompany it. ‘Ni Ranjha’ balances the qualities of being a youthful yet timeless ballad, bringing positive emotions to the surface with the art of dance, vocals, nature and a strong heritage which makes it all the more unique.

– You! desk