For the skill within you

By Mubashir Ahmed
Tue, 11, 20

The Hunar Foundation (THF) is one of the largest non-profit organisations that was founded in 2009 to act as a catalyst to alleviate poverty and unemployment and accelerate economic growth...

Moeen Faruqi

hunar art 2020

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The term ‘Life Skills’ refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life. Any skill that is useful in your life can be considered a life skill. Tying your shoe laces, swimming, driving a car and using a computer are, for most people, useful life skills. Broadly speaking, the term ‘life skills’ is usually used for any of the skills needed to deal well and effectively with the challenges of life.

The Hunar Foundation (THF) is one of the largest non-profit organisations that was founded in 2009 to act as a catalyst to alleviate poverty and unemployment and accelerate economic growth. 

Anwar Maqsood

Pakistan has a young population of around 60 million between the ages of 17 to 35 years, that remains unskilled and unemployed due to scarce resources. THF seeks to harness this youth body for growth and development, by imparting technical skills through training resulting in employment opportunities.

The foundation has 8 operational and 3 under-construction institutes across Pakistan and offers state-of-the-art technical and vocational training to deserving young matriculates; both men and women. Most courses are approved by the London City and Guilds UK and qualifying students receive C&G Diplomas which are recognised in over 80 countries worldwide. The students are also trained in English, etiquette, computer and life skills to ensure a well-rounded education.

Hunar Art 2020 is a novel fundraising concept, an Online International Art Exhibition initiated by Friends of Hunar (FOH) in lieu of the annual fundraiser owing to the pandemic.

Meher Afroz

FOH is the extended arm of the Hunar Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Management. The group includes donors, benevolent friends and well-wishers who work with philanthropic zeal to organise fundraisers, open houses and awareness events to further the mission of THF.

Hunar Art 2020 aims to showcase the best face of Pakistani contemporary art to the International Art world, to raise funds to empower the underprivileged youth of the country, by giving them access to technical and vocational skills training at Hunar Foundation Institutes.

The International Online exhibition presents a body of great artwork which includes paintings, ceramics and sculpture, that has been donated by generous artists, both established and emerging, as well as private collectors and gallery owners, to support the cause. The response has been overwhelming and the exhibition showcases 108 artworks by 100 artists.

Soraya Sikander

The exhibition has been a great success so far, and has been extremely well received both in Pakistan and abroad. Art for a great cause is the mission of the online exhibition, which will be ongoing for the next few weeks.

Sayeda Habib

The funds raised will go towards student sponsorships at THF, as the institutes have only just re-opened post Covid-19 and are facing a challenge to sponsor underprivileged students in order to serve the sacred and important mission – a skilled Pakistan.

Empowering the marginalised youth with a skill, is even more important post Covid-19, as industry will urgently need skilled labour to bring the economy back on track. THF is striving to make a difference to help build a self-enabled, self-empowered and responsible workforce in Pakistan.

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— Mubashir Ahmed