Red galore

By M. Shirazi
Tue, 02, 20

Want to look gorgeous for a date night? Read on to find out how to incorporate red in your overall look for a special day...


Planning something special to do with your loved one? Admit it or not but as much as date night is about love and romance, it is also about looking and feeling your most beautiful. Many of us will go scouring the mall looking for the perfect outfit, lipstick, accessories, just so the day will be as magical as it appears to be in the movies. You know the type where the boy picks the girl up for dinner and his jaw drops as soon as he sets his eyes on her, telling her how beautiful she is.

Though we try to look our best for a romantic night out with your partner, truth is we tend to overdo things and either apply too much makeup, go all red, even though red hue is associated with V Day, or pick out all the wrong accessories. Dressing up for a special night is a bit tricky. If you’re not sure what to wear on the most romantic day of the year or just need some fresh makeup inspiration, here are a few ways to incorporate red in your overall look and make it a fashionable one...

How to wear red

The best way to start assembling your ensemble is to think of something out of the ordinary. Wearing red can be a little bit risky; you can either nail it or feel uncomfortable looking ‘too red’. Remember, you don’t have to wear an all red outfit, combining it with other subtle colours like white or beige will either tone it down, or make it pop if you’re looking for a more colourful look. For our desi girls out there, go for floral print shalwar kameez with hints of red. If you are into western outfits, you can add a touch of red by going for smart tailored pants. Opt for pants in a cheerful red hue and pair it with a plain black shirt.

As it is still winter in many parts of the country, go for a red coat and you can skip worrying about the outfit itself. Just pick out something cute that you’re comfortable in and throw on the beautiful red coat. Voila! You are good to go.

Whatever, you choose to wear - eastern or western - the aim should be to knock him out with your looks!

Accessorise me pretty

As far as accessories are concerned especially if you are going for a plain white, beige or black outfit, the easiest way to jazz up your look is to opt for red accessories. You can just skip the traditions and red outfit all together and just pick a red bag and matching pumps. You’re in luck because red bags are very popular now and they’re extremely luxurious and chic. Also you can opt for strappy red stilettos if you are not too keen on wearing fancy pumps.

Beauty corner

When thinking about makeup, it is advisable to go for a look that you are comfortable in and can pull off easily. You could have a minimalistic makeup to go by for the day with perhaps just some lip gloss and a hint of eyeliner and mascara and later in the evening, go ahead and add some colour to your eyes and lips for a more updated look.

These days, coloured eyeliners are very much in vogue and are a trendy take on makeup. So go for red cat eyeliner and match it with your favourite red rouge. Just make sure not to paint your lips or eyes red if you are wearing a red outfit - be more subtle.

If you are going out to a posh restaurant opt for bold makeup - it will look great under the dim lights - luscious red lips, winged eyeliner, rosy cheeks, shimmery bronzer - all are great choices for the special night out. If you are daring enough then a graphic red smokey eye is the perfect choice for you.

Scent it up

Whether you are going out or planning to stay at home, don’t forget to smell divine for your loved one! Yes, get a nice, refreshing bath and apply fragrant body lotions and your favourite perfume that makes your partner go crazy. Or you can head out to your favourite perfume shop and buy a new fragrance. Go for a scent that is fresh and has some citrus notes in it.