PINE opens door to young, female entrepreneurs

By Buraq Shabbir
Tue, 08, 19

Shajar Management Consultant (SMC) is a management consultant firm that offers business solutions to start-ups....


In present times when most young people wish to explore business opportunities in addition to or as opposed to their jobs, it is hard to find the right platforms. Issues such as financial constraints often become the reason; one is unable to pursue a business idea while the right promotion tools is another concern.

People’s Incubation New Enterprise (PINE) - a recent initiative by Shajar Management Consultant - aims to provide a constructive platform to aspiring entrepreneurs and also assist them financially, aside from training and mentorship. It will also be offering the right tools for marketing and promotions of these small businesses and will help turn them into something big rather than shutting them down after a certain stage.

Shajar Management Consultant (SMC) is a management consultant firm that offers business solutions to start-ups; the organization recently held an MOU signing ceremony with Osmani & Company. The signing was followed by a corporate lunch at their office with people from different walks of life in attendance. The list included TV actor and entrepreneur Tehreem Zubairi; senior producer Sana Hashmi, Director Osmani & Company Arif Osmani, Saniya Zahid from Sugar Shack and Ghazanfar Rauf from Aesthetic lifestyle.

Women who work from their home and wish to expand their businesses are welcome at PINE that is willing to assist them in taking their work to more and more people out there. They can also have the right means to promote their businesses and reach a large group of their target audience.

Founder of PINE, Miss Erum Masood noted on the occasion, “Our vision is to develop the social enterprise sector in Pakistan through youth empowerment and women development. Youth development should be worked on at the government level.”

Arif Osmani, Director Osmani & Company was also delighted to have collaborated for the cause. “It will be a great opportunity for Osmani &Company to work for the youth empowerment program with PINE and to upraise and enhance the social entrepreneurship policy in Pakistan,” he said.

— Buraq Shabbir